(More) About The Daffodil

In the 1950’s the advent of television and increased competition saw ticket sales dwindle until sadly on 7th September 1963 The Daffodil screened its last public film, Cape Fear staring Gregory Peck, before re opening as a bingo hall later the same month. It continued in this guise until May 1977 when the property was sold and became an antique furniture centre. This closed in 1989 and the building fell into disrepair until Cheltonian restaurateur Mark Stephens fell in love with its potential and purchased the freehold in late 1996.

An extensive renovation followed during which many original features and fittings were restored and reinstated including the original projectionist machinery (now displayed in the upper circle) and a pair of “kissing seats” which now occupy pride of place in the Terrazzo mosaic foyer.
The Daffodil proudly re-opened its doors as one of Britain’s most unique and dramatic dining rooms on 14th February 1998 amid a flurry of excitement, red carpet and intense local interest.

Today the building is a civic award winning iconic Cheltenham Landmark as well as one of country’s finest surviving examples of original Art Deco cinema design. Mark and his business partner James McAlpine continue to restore and invest in this unique and beautiful building to ensure that The Daffodil remains as vibrant and stylish as when it opened nearly a century ago.


The Daffodil Venue The Daffodil Venue The Daffodil Venue The Daffodil Venue The Daffodil Venue The Daffodil Exterior The Daffodil Exterior